Music from North Africa and the Middle East
Hosted by Rachid Aadnani and Michael Toler

NOTICE:  May 6 was the last broadcast of Raï Diffusion for the 2001-2002 academic year. 

Tune in again in the fall.  In the meantime listen to:

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“Rai” is Arabic for opinion, and Raï Diffusion seeks to cover a musical area that is largely absent from radio programs in this country.  Our program will radiate out from North Africa, focusing on the region’s music and its influences.  It explores the interaction of excitingly different forms of musical expression such as the rhythms of sub-Saharan Africa, the hauntingly beautiful laments echoing in the valleys of the Atlas Mountains, the captivating melodies of Andalusian strings and the marvelous color of the Middle Eastern lute.   In addition, we explore the cultural hybridity of the region’s emigrants in Europe, the United States and elsewhere.  Also including discussion of cultural news from the region, this program is a weekly mix of news and exciting music for you to discover.  

We have conceived the web pages as a complement to the show.  Here you will find our play lists if you didn't catch the artist or name of a song and links to more information about the music, including where you might be able to buy it.  

In the future, we will also be adding pages with the announcements we read on the air, calendars of events, more about us, and more, so come back from time to time.    

Note: If you have an announcement relevant to North Africa or the Middle East  you would like us to include in our show, send us email with the relevant information.   

    Our Play Lists  

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